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Cleaning Tips

#010 - Problems with salt residue?

Well, winter is upon us once again. We face Ice and snow outside as a great challenge to take care of in keeping our facilities safe. It is sometimes hard to realize that we face great challenges inside also. In dealing with outside weather, we use products such as rock salt and ice melter to get rid of those hazardous slippery obstacles on sidewalks and parking lots. Just like dirt, sand, and snow find it's way into our buildings, so does the salt and ice melter.

Once the ice melter is walked into our buildings, it dries to the floor. This is usually shown as a white residue and is a bear to get rid of by normal mopping. The reasoning behind this is because of the alkaline nature of the residue. Not only can this stick to your floor, it can also cause premature wear on your floor finish.

The solution to this problem is neutralizer. Neutralizer is acidic in nature. When this product is mopped on like a normal damp mop solution, it does more than a normal detergent. Neutralizer will actually form a chemical reaction with the ice melter and rock salt residue. The reaction takes the alkaline nature of the ice melter and rock salt residue and turns it to a neutral ph. At this point the residue is at the basic neutral ph state that normal faucet water is. This give makes the product just as easy to wipe up as though it were plain water.

Please remember that this process is safe for your floors. We carry two types of neutralizer in our warehouse. The first is a packet of product that you can simply add into a bucket of water and it is ready to be mopped on. The second comes in a gallon as a liquid and can simply be measured out and added to a bucket of water making the product ready for mopping.

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